Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance Template     

Date:          March 9, 2019    

Place:          Reynolds (42 East Lake Road)

Time:                   9:00 am

In attendance:  Eric Busch, John Hayden, Karen Monroe,  Bob Reynolds, Carol Reynolds, Diane Willey, Gordon Barron, Jack Pryor, Susan Pryor, Ed Sick

 Treasurer’s Report:  Karen reported:

  1. CD = $10,065.22 (comes due in April)
  2. Capital fund = $16,820 General Fund = $9,589.05

Audit committee Report:

March 2019 meeting (For work beginning summer 2018)

Committee members Bernie Thoma, Eric Busch (and originally – Karen Monroe)

  1. Earlier work of the committee focused on establishing budgeting and insuring that documented authorization occurs for expenditures. It was also recommended that accounting software be purchased* and utilized and that has occurred.
  2. More recently a review of documents related to loans and a sampling of pledge documents and routine expenditures was conducted. No concerns were noted.
  3. It should also be noted that Treasurer Karen Monroe has stated that records created and maintained by prior treasurers Kathy DeClerck and Bob Reynolds were “well documented and tracked.”

*Secretaries note:  a laptop computer was also purchased

A vote was taken, and the need for two signatures on an expenditure greater than $1,000 (which is not included in the budget) was passed.

A vote on requiring a $2,000 limit for expenditures authorized by the Executive Committee (the 5 Officers) was defeated.

VP Bob’s report:

  1. Property Insurance report: Bob reported that property insurance through Sullivan is $575.64 per year (effective January 3, 2019). LLWIA received a refund from the Wensel Agency for $1,136.06 for cancellation of the previous policy.
  2. Electric bill: The 3/21/19 bill was for $16.01 for 24 kwh’s of usage.  The long-standing credit is all used up.

Committee Update

          We need more participation.  The Committee discussion was deferred until the July meeting when more folks can be in attendance.  John asked that each participant try to bring a potential new volunteer to that July meeting. (The Committee/Teams/Tasks list is attached at the bottom of the notes for reference.)

Property Plan: 

 Comments on Alice’s Property Plan:

1        “Alice, the more I learn about wetlands, the best recommendations seem to be: let them alone.  Once a wetland has been “created”, cutting, mowing, and grooming interfere with the natural evolution of wetlands, and if anything, upset the natural development that underlies the whole concept of wetlands.  Clearly, the availability of the property was an opportunity not to turn down, and we have already done a great deal to eliminate the eyesore and restore the land to its “pre-existing” condition.  This, I think, has the support of local residents and is viewed as an achievement.  But I think we are nearing the point of “mission accomplished”, and efforts for continued improvement may be misguided.  I recognize that we may need to offer educational tours, research opportunities for academics and students, etc, to maintain our tax status, but I think this should be kept to a minimum.  There will continue to be ideas and proposals for bridges, shelters, and so on, in effect turning at least some of the property into a park, but despite the appeal of this, it should be kept to a minimum.  I would add that the use of the property has become the primary effort and major expenditure of the Alliance, but the initial intent of the group was to improve Loon Lake water quality.  This is an elusive, long-term project, and we have made some headway on it.  But this should remain the principle objective of the group.  The difference is that there are numerous “hands-on” projects for the property, but water quality is a frustrating issue.  However, it is more important for the health of the lake, and we need to avoid distractions.  Happy to discuss.”
Joe Carlson

2.*     I do agree with Alice that we have to be conscious of our decisions in regards to workloads & projects requiring maintenance & man power.

I thought the location of the pavilion on the Alice’s map looked like views would be obstructed by the pole barn.

I’m not sure if this is possible- but it seems that we should utilize the concrete that was in the garage part of the barn & possibly construct a look out there? Or just keep the concrete since – water & electricity is there- I don’t know the structure well enough- just think we should utilize what we have first – hope this makes sense’


*These comments came in before the meeting via e-mail.

John’s comments:  Subject to reasonable rules, the Preserve Property must be available to everyone to maintain the tax exempt status.

Property Manager’s Report:  Eric

Kevin will talk with Stan Wisniewski to let him know what beams we want for shelter construction and benches.

 Bob Hughes and his students (Zane is one) volunteered to build the shelter.  The final exam is to raise structure.

Eric showed screen shots of a wetlands project near him that he has been associated with.  A wonderful job was done on structures and colorful exhibits.  Eric stated that much of the work was done through Grants.

A vote was taken and Eric is authorized to proceed with planning for a shelter.  Eric and Ed will work on possible ways to construct.

Other comments:

Eric:  if we go forward with a bridge, it should be built “disability accessible”

Eric:  he has identified a considerable number of walkers who would use the bridge.

Carol:  if a shelter is built, would wedding ceremonies be allowed?  What about other requests?

ISSUE:  Invasive Species – The Knotweed spreading around the lake was briefly mentioned.  As previously reported, Alice has received some quotes for eradication.  Most property owners would be happy to be rid of it except for one that “likes it”.  No action on this, as Alice was not present.

ISSUE:  Communication with watershed residents:  Articles for Link:

  1. Alice’s article on trees for the April Link has been submitted (it is also available on the website:
  2. Hilary is requested to provide an article on Japanese Knotweed for the August Link
  3. Eric has promised an article for June Link
  4. June 29 chicken dinner: The draft of a ticket is below: (Note that the “purchase prior to date” should be corrected to June 16.

Carol noted that we have a person who volunteered to purchase 50 meals to be given away.  Carol will check with the Perkinsville FD (Walt Drum Jr., Chief) and with the Vincent House in Wayland to see if they are interested.  If both are interested, 25 meals could be offered to each.


Gordan Barron was asked for any comments he might have.  He said that he likes the idea of students coming and learning about wetlands at the Preserve.  He said that recycling the barn is a great idea and that having students work on a shelter was also great.

 President’s additional comments:  Board members and Officers are asked to read over the “Conflict of Interest Articles I-VIII” (attached).  These same people need to fill out the “Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” (attached) and bring it to the April 13 meeting or get it to John prior to that.  If one needs to reference the Bylaws, they are online.  The “Conflict” documents are required yearly to maintain our 501(c) (3) status.

 Charlie Cowley is looking for a Loon Lake person to run for the Wayland Town Board.  Karen Monroe expressed interest and John was made aware of another interested person and will make contact, and then update Charlie.

 Next Meeting: April 13, 2019 at 9:00 am at the Pryor’s  (50 E. Lake Rd).

Submitted by Bob Reynolds for Alice Publow, LLWIA Secretary

Committees (as specified in the Bylaws)                                             3/10/19 RER

(note:  The president is an ex officio member of all committees)


  1. Reynolds, Busch, Ranger, B. Thoma, K. Monroe


Hayden, R. Reynolds

Outreach (Education?)

            Ranger, Publow

Grants (includes government interface)

  1. Thoma

Other Committees (as authorized by the Board)

Executive Committee

Hayden, Publow, Busch, R. Reynolds, K. Monroe

Operating Committee for the Wetlands Preserve

Busch, Ranger, Kilbourne, Sick, Kays, Publow, Belanger, R. Reynolds

General Fund Raising

  1. Thoma, C. Reynolds, Ranger, Wichman, Willey, Simonowicz


  1. Thoma, Busch


 Capital Fund

  1. Reynolds, J. Pryor

State of the Lake and Watershed Improvement Plan

Publow, R. Reynolds

Weed Control

Wichman, Belanger, Mosher, Hamilton, Cheryl Jordan, B. Thoma


 Wetlands Restoration

Ranger, Belanger, Busch



Onsite Waste Treatment

  1. Reynolds

Data Gathering (Lake level, DO, temperature, water quality)

Publow, Hayden, R. Reynolds

Prescription Drug

  1. Reynolds, P. Thoma


  1. Reynolds


Macrophyte Survey

Weed Mapping

2-9-19 Minutes


10-13-18 minutes

9_8_18 minutes

8-11-18 minutes


6-9-18 Minutes

5_12_18 minutes

4-14-18 minutes

3_10_18 Minutes

2_10_18 Minutes

11-11-17 minutes

10-10-17 minutes

9-9-17 minutes

8_12_17 Minutes




4-8-17 Minutes

3-11-17 Minutes

2_11_17 Minutes



8-13-16 minutes

7-9-16 minutes

6-11-16 Minutes

5-14-16 minutes

4-9-16 minutes

3-12-16 Minutes

11-14-15 Minutes

10-10-15 minutes

9-19-15 Minutes

8-8-15 minutes

7-11-15 minutes

6-13-15 minutes

5-9-15 minutes

4-18-15 minutes

3-21-15 minutes

2-7-15 minutes

12-13-14 minutes

11-4-14 minutes

10-4-14 minutes

9-13-14 minutes

8-30-14 minutes

8-16-14 minutes

7_26_14 minutes

7-12-14 minutes

6-21-14 minutes