Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance   Agenda

Date:           9/12/20

Place:          LLWP pavilion

Time:          9:00 am

In attendance: (out of 10)  Board: Gordon Baron. Eric Busch, Joe Carlson, John Hayden, Karen Monroe , Alice Publow, Bridget Quibel, Dede Ranger

Guests: Matt Quibel, Susan Pryor

Minutes correction 8/8/20 Other Topics:# 2. Should read (650’) turbine towers



Capital Account Balance Tracking – FY Ending 7/31/21            
Balance at 8/6/20      28,020.00              
8/11/20 pledge pmts          400.00              
9/10/20 pledge pmts          200.00              
Roger’s Tenbrook – roof    (4,427.55)              
  Cap Acct 9/10    24,192.45              
Total Cash at 09/12/20         Fund Balances    
Bank Account          26,687.06   General Fund    12,614.14  
CD            10,119.53   Capital Fund    24,192.45  
Total Cash          36,806.59   Total Funds    36,806.59  


ISSUE:  Water Quality (includes:  Invasive Species, Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS), Aquatic Vegetation)      PRIORITY: 1

  1. Knotweed update: Alice reported that Pearsons and Serenity’s knotweed patch have appeared to double in size. Hilary told her that biocontrols are being studied for control of this invasive.
  2. LLWQ report: Joe reported that 7 Request for Proposal (RFP) have been sent out with a request for replies by Dec.1. An information letter was sent to residents in the selected, Antlers Inn and Laf a Lot coves. A few positive responses have already been received. Alice reported Ben Amberger, the Brockport student working on the study, is in the process of summarizing the data from the recordings taken at the 2 visits to Loon Lake.

ISSUE:  Storm Water, Sediment Control and Stream Corridor and Wetlands Mgmt. PRIORITY:

Storm Water: Committee to address run off issues: It was expressed that LLWIA has done great work to control run off with the Antlers Inn detention pond and the reestablishing of the flood plane at LLWP. However, work needs to be done to:

  1. Culvert concerns: It was agreed that LLWIA should focus on remediation of culverts. There are several new techniques i.e. (bio char sleeves, floating wetlands) that can be researched and possibly implemented.
  2. Retention pond at Antlers Inn Rd.

Alice observed that Dale Vargason, the landowner, has dredged the silt from the bottom of the pond probably.

Wetlands Mgmt:

  1. Loon Lake Wetland Preserve (LLWP) Report – Property Manager (Eric Busch)
  2. Metal shingles have been installed on pavilion
  3. Preservative should be recoated in the spring to minimize wood cracking.
  4. The weed harvester has been stored in pole barn for the winter.
  5.  Fall mowing will be done thanks to Kevin Kilbourn, in the next few weeks. Alice will straighten tree tubes and replace broken stakes before then. John has done extensive weed wacking around the pavilion and pole barn.
  6. The Pryors have offered to help Eric clean out the old nesting materials from the birdhouses.

ISSUE:  Communication with watershed residents (Outreach):    PRIORITY: 3

  1. Link Articles
  2. Winter Article will be a report on Loon Lake Water Quality project
  3. Article on septic systems. Alice suggested an extensive article about septic systems for the spring Alliance Matters.
  4. ‘Ask the Expert’ talks: Brian Hamilton came to talk with us regarding the weed harvesting for report of 2020. He explained the cutting strategies, such as zone cutting, but indicated that wind and equipment difficulties can cause necessity for changes in plans. He talked about the difficulty in getting the word out about instant changes. It was suggested that communications can be made on the website and emails.

Brian stressed the fact that Wayland Town Board has the final judgment on weed district funding. He encouraged LL Alliance and Association band together and get recommendations to the board before the August budget decisions. He wish list includes a maintenance fund, depth finder and GPS for the harvester. John also mentioned a future fund for possible pole barn maintenance, since it will house the equipment.

Since Brian has taken over the harvester program, he has been keeping records of weeds removed. 2015 and 2016 were the most productive. Weed mass has decreased since then with 234 truckloads in 2018. 205 in 2019 and 183 in 2020. The removal is very important because if left to rot, it would produce nutrients and muck.

Other topics:

  1. Goose Hunting: Some hunters, including Ford Kinney, have approached John for permission to goose hunt on LLWP.
  2. Wind Turbines: Joe reported that Baron Winds permit to construct 650’wind turbine towers have been up held in court. The Town of Wayland and Wayland Cohocton schools will receive substantial funds from the project.

 President’s report: John reiterated the fact that funding is needed to cover              pavilion costs and loan payments. It was suggested that a photo of the completed pavilion be published in the link with a request for donations.

 Next meeting:  Saturday, October 10 via Zoom at 9:00


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