Call to Order 0935
In Attendance: Eric Busch, John Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bob
Reynolds, Bridget Quibell
Treasurer’s report:
see attached
$11,000 in debts are due to be paid in June. At that time, Karen proposes that we will not need
two separate funds.
It was noted that Bob has done a great job collecting pledges.
There was an observation about new trees and where planted. There was an objection brought
about the location. February minutes were reviewed about the placement. There was a plan
discussed in previous meeting to have a turn around for drop offs.
LLWIA Elections: Per the by-laws, elections have to take place in the second half of the year.
Therefore, the elections should take place in July.
1.Board of Directors Four Year Terms are up for John Hayden and Joe Carlson.
2Officers elected each year:
John Hayden, President
Eric Busch, VP (LLWP manager)
Karen Monroe, VP (treasurer)
Alice Publow, VP (Secretary)
Bob Reynolds, VP ( website manager)
Water Quality
1Waste treatment Study- There is a meeting coming up at the Chapel to discuss the Hunt
Study. It is June 14 in the AM
There is an addition weed harvester being hired.

  1. Not addressed.
  2. Notes from the NYSFOLA Event: Large Lakes are different than smaller lakes
    Alice has a great deal of information to share per John.
  3. not addressed

Storm Water Wetlands Management

  1. LLWP Report -Fireworks Eric signed off on fireworks and sent to Sue St George Insurance
    to cover
    Snowmobile trail-no issues will sign off
    Electricity and water completed- the electricity is locked and a shut off
    Water 4 hydrants lake, tack room, pavilion, and well head
    Creek and Flood plain. There is a beaver nibbling the poplars. The flood plain is working. There
    are some saplings that are interfering with drainage.. They need to be cut. There is a tree to be
    Dirt and Gravel the rock hound was there and there is extra to use.
    Geese nests-23 eggs treated no property owner refusal
  2. Pavilion Events:minutes have been sent to Committee
    list of events will be available at the Annual Meeting.
    Flyers have been distributed
    Someone is looking into having 50/50 rules at events.
    Tree Planting
    no change to what is written outside discussion at the beginning.
    Other topics
    Trail mowing reimbursement should be increased to $125 X2







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