Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance 10/12/2019 Minutes

Date:           Oct.12, 2019

Place:           John Hayden’s 21 East Lake Road

Time:          9:00 a.m.

Attendance: John Hayden, Eric Busch, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bob Reynolds

Other: Bridget and Matt Quibell

Reminder:  Please keep reports as brief as possible ( 15 min?)

 Minutes from last meeting

          Reviewed and approved circulated via email and approved

Changes: None

Notes: Bob Reynolds noted that Maureen O’Brian Morsch might be joining, He dropped the red book off to her for her to review.

 Treasurer’s Report: Debt is unchanged. Addressing debt Karen Monroe reminder that $10,065.22 tied up in CD and $19,076.32 in bank account. The CD is in for 2 years. Alice Publow suggests that we send out a letter and ask for forgiveness of loans. Payments are not due at this time there are 3 more years per Eric Busch. John Hayden would like a list of who we owe and how much. Bob Reynolds will get it to John. John will do a letter asking for forgiveness.

General Fund:  $6,371.54                  Bank Account: $19,076.32

Capital Fund: $22,770.00                  CD:                    $10,065.22

Total Funds     $29,141.54                    Total Cash        $29,141.54

KM is discussing taxes. IRS has contacted and advised we owe $1100. Per Karen, taxes were filed in June. She then received a letter that states no schedule B was attached. She realized at that time that the notice she received was not our tax return. She has responded and attached Schedule B approx. August. In September Bob showed a penalty of $1200 for failing to file. KM called agent. She feels it was mixed up at IRS. She has sent proof of filing (post office receipt). Agent put on 45 day hold. She will be following up with phone call. There was no failure to file. KM states she will take care of it no matter the outcome. John asked how often mail is being picked up. Mail is picked up every week.

KM has paid the first Miller’s Lumbar bill $915.60 and has paid $1069.20 for Lippincott dumpsters.

KM was told by Loon Lake Association that they voted to send $400 in appreciation for all the LLWIA does.

LLWP Project Manager’s Report: Eric Busch

He has sent out emails as things change

Stan finished dismantling the barn on October 4. It took 18 months instead of 15 and apologized. John asked for name and address.

He pulled scrap lumber and burned to save the cost of another dumpster. States pushing things toward Rt21. He will keep new concrete and keep the parallel pad. JH Why keep. No reason, but in good shape to use in future. He has filled the post holes with rocks for future use. It is not a thick pad.

JH states there is interest among neighbors to  take out the concrete milk house. There is enough space in the pole barn for tools and mower.. JH states a steel shed  can be put up. Eric states it was voted on to keep to save costs of new shed. No need to replace roof right away. Timing wise, no ability to put in hole  as would have had to dig deeper to accommodate. They are ready to pull dirt piles off the road Tuesday Morning. They will go in the hole. The DOT has formally asked to have them removed. BR questions: Is the pole barn ok for storage? Mower and miscellaneous stuff and per Eric the answer is yes they have enough. BR asks if they keep pole barn will it avoid the purchase of shed? Alice and Eric say yes. KM sees milk house as eye sore. She thought there would be room for it in the hole. BR states separate project. Jeff Parker to remove dirt piles. BR asking if could donate to county. AP states has no time. DeDe suggested Mr. Landino could do it. EB states could be done. BR states worth getting quote from Mr. Landino. EB time is an issue.

EB states did not get letter form DOT, but was advised letter went out 10/3 as the dirt was in violation near the road. They state 10 days from date of the letter, it should be remediated. Goes on to say there needs to be a work permit from the state so stop immediately. Bottom line :get rid of dirt ASAP. No people or small equip in road. Jeff Parker can pull in as has large equipment. John understands the timing, but wants an ask. Dede R says ask both. Bob R states the vote stands to keep concrete building milk house. Do we need a new vote? JH states to ask Landino if he can remove Monday. KM should we vote? Yes and vote passed. AP states attempt to remove and if no to remove, will leave it for future. EB will call Landino tomorrow or Monday.

Eric B suggests thank you dinner at the Laf-A-Lot for Stan, family, and crew.

EB states the excavation done by Jeff Parker will cover the margin of the original wetland. Concerned about road blocking the flood water. Can not take down the berm on the creek side. Will take down **berm** on existing gravel road to help with floodwaters. EB got permission from R Thielges to fill in part of the ditch. Staked out with pad 100 feet from marsh. They will take filled hump of dirt near road. This will allow water to flow east. Discussion on removal of dirt ensued. BR can we dump on knot weed? Discussion of where to push?  EB we have time to decide. Also EB will ask Landino if there is a market for fill.

EB got the building permit and will display.

EB The electric is on hold. NYSEG states need permit from DOT for trenching within the right of way and will take 4 weeks for permit.

JH should we authorize an additional sum of money for taking down the milk house and trenching. JH states offer $1000 for the work EB states would not take that much. DR asks for formal vote. Vote passed

EB barn beams stored in pole barn. Need to decide what to keep and the rest is worth some money. What are we using them for. He needs volunteer to decide. Volunteers Matt Quibell, DR, JH, BR.

ER: Landino might volunteer to place the abutments for the foot bridge. These have been donated by Belanger’s.

 9/21/19 meeting reviewed: Dede ranger reviews

crux of meeting was the focus was being taken off water quality. Once things finish with property changes, we can get back to mission.

  1. Focus on water quality Priority is onsite waste treatment and priority 2 stream corridor management.
  2. E-coli testing: DR can people share? AP states Joe is going to set up a schedule of E Coli testing. Per 7/29/16 see below: Alice realized why they dropped doing the E. Coli testing See below. BR states a waste of money BR and AP will repeat testing at stream after heavy rain DR states review enforce? BR sent email regarding requirement of testing of the septic system when property is sold. He states it is requested, but asking to make a requirement. EB states need formal vote. DR looking for more collaboration with Loon Lake Association. BR states he tries to get there for 1st meeting. Notes from LLA discuss CSLAP testing and should be reviewed and analyzed by LLWIA. Per EB Ed states should be communication regarding it. BR states he has the data. AP states should keep the communication open. AP states should show appreciation. Diane Willey is our contact. She should be included per EB. Per DR asks about asking boy scouts or 4 H ?to remove gloves. John H can not get to them with all the weeds. AP states can not get through weeds until freeze. EB states if in future to remove either remove or dig. They are inert. DR states can go to Bath Landfill. EB states will not take. AP they are in a wetland and should be at least moved. DR states should make a yearly clean up. AP suggest keeping journal log of educational visits. See journal discussion below.

7/9/16    LLWIA Minutes  previous discussion

Continuation of E-coli testing was discussed. It will cost $50 per test. The question is what locations on the lake. Maybe five: Antler’s Inn/ Millrace, Laf-a-Lot Cove, Rt.21 creek, South wetlands and the bay near St. George’s cottage? Also how often? At regular interval or select occurrences such as large rain events or holiday crowd times. Alice will consult with the professors Sid Bosch and Bruce Gilman.

Alice talked to Bruce Gilman, professor from FLCC. who has done studies on LL, about the importance of E-coli testing. He feels that e-coli testing is not very effective on a large cool water body like LL. He feels most e-coli would not survive long enough to show up in sampling. The exception to this would be a suspected concentrated source, such as a stream run off site. It was decided to sample again in the spring when streams are flowing.

Committee Reports:

Nominating committee Bob Reynolds

          Knotweed is going pretty well.  Must work with neighbor to do something with the knotweed on private property. JH states works through concrete. Mrs Ryan (property owner) states her daughter is taking care of it. JH is there a state rule about dealing with it on their property? AP states she did not find a requirement. EB states all over Steuben County. EB asked for standing heading with water quality. BR states will have the issues listed and will be under Green Book.

Fundraising committee Dede Ranger

Changed to August 13th for Celebration of the Lake and July 18 for chicken BBQ. AP states Thursday as is the day that Ray will do. BR states in need of vote. DR notes that ice cream social week before. BR states vote on 2 dates. vote passed. DR to confirm sound system and will touch on it next meeting. DR states should do something on site in June. KM states grand opening of pavilion. Will discuss at the next meeting to have something in June. JH states should invite students and parents. DR states should we wait until more people are here? JH states once a date decided will get information to teacher and students. JH also suggests local news . BR states Matt and Bridget are taking on recording secretaries. DR asks if electric to pavilion for sound system. No. There will be electric by the well at that time.

 Green Book Update: see above under nominating committee

          Bob and Alice

Loon Lake Journal: Purpose: To collect and save information about Loon Lake for future reference. AP suggested to DR that it be documented that she took teachers on a tour of the site.

AP would like to have so anyone can access. It is important to know how the lake cycles. topics : history, wildlife, weather, personal observations. See below

How do we set up a forum that people could access. KM suggests facebook. Ap would like everyone to consider ideas and bring to next meeting. DR recommends link on website . BR states not sure how. BR thinks people would not use. EB states Ed keeps track of the ice in and out. We need to capture history before gone. AP will keep track of now. DR states emails will be answered. AP suggests getting history to central location. KM still recommends facebook.

Topics: History, Wildlife, Weed Patterns, General Weather, Personal Observations

Logistics: How can it be set up so anyone can enter or read information

Tee Shirts? AP has an idea for design. She discussed with Sue about doing a collaboration with LLA. Not sure if they are interested in the collaboration. BR states does not want to step on toes of LLA

EB feels they should welcome a joint sale with LLA. AP has a design with outline with Loon. AP states can do just a wetland T-shirt. Could give to the kids. AP will not complete leg work if no one interested. She is happy to collaborate. EB thinks there is opening for the project. JH states good for students as well. BR thinks should be joint effort. MQ states there is a company in Avon the will help design and can order online. JH would like to see combination online and hard. KM suggests bringing ideas to next meeting. EB states should be specific to opening. DR states MQ and Alice should get together. KM states the ARC of Steuben has screen printing. need symbol for wetland and may include the pavillion. Will have ideas at the next meeting.

 President’s report: JH states have covered.

Next Meeting: Reynolds will host November 9,2019

Respectfully Submitted,

Bridget Quibell, Recording Secretary LLWIA

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