Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance   Minutes

Date:     4/13/19

Place:   Publow’s (80 Lindenwood)

Time:    9am

In attendance: (out of 11)  Board: Eric Busch (by phone), John Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bob Reynolds, Ed Sick, Diane Willey

Minutes from last meeting

          Minutes for 3/9/19 were approved

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Karen reported that there is $11,122.94 in the general fund and $16,820.00 in the capitol fund totaling $27,942.94. There is $31,500 remaining in the loans owed; however, pledges outstanding exceed this amount.
  2. The CD has been renewed at the rate of opening and not the current lower rate thanks to Karen’s negotiations. (Letter attached)
  3. Purchase of thumb drives was approved so Alice could back up secretary information such as past meeting minutes on the LLWIA computer.
  4. Board also approved prepayment to NYSEG of $100.

LLWP Project Manager’s Report: As reported by Eric

  1. Barn dismantling; Stan who is dismantling the old barn requested and received an empty dumpster for roofing materials. He also has parked a decommissioned fire truck for his ladder uses.
  2. Bridge construction: Foot bridge:  Kevin Kilbourne states he will donate all materials for the bridge as well as use of a crane to place the main beams and concrete anchors.  We will not need any permits other than a $50 building permit from Wayland.  We believe LLWIA volunteers will be able to perform most labor to construct the bridge.  The Board voted 7-1 to proceed with construction.  John asked that insurance coverage be checked for bridge construction and usage.
  3. Sediment noted at LLWP stream: Silt was believed to be from a cornfield up stream. The landowner, Karen Ida Scott will be planting a cover crop next year, which will greatly lessen erosion.
  4. Pavilion: Rob Hugh’s class will construct the LLWP pavilion in spring 2020. He requests that the final plans be completed by LLWIA by the end of May. He would like to meet with the LLWIA board and finalize. His class will prefab the pavilion at Wayland Cohoton School. They have one day for erection. LLWIA is responsible to pour the slab and roof the building. (Email attached)
  5. Clean up: Bob will schedule and supervise a barbed wire removal time. Alice will schedule a crew to clean up the grounds after the roofs are removed from the old barn.


  1. Knotweed: LLWIA will not undertake removal of the Japanese Knotweed invading LL shoreline. The knotweed on LLWP property will be covered by heavy tarps directly over last year’s deadfall. Bob will research costs. Homeowners will be contacted and advised to treat the invasive themselves. Suggested treatment strategies will be printed on the website. Diane will contact Hilary to remind her that she promised an article about Knotweed.
  2. Nano-bubbler: There was an article in the ‘SOLitude Lake Management’ spring newsletter describing a new type of aeration system using Nan -bubbles. Alice will research it’s use to help reduce nutrients and therefore reduce blue green algae and also sediment depths.
  3. Tree Huggers:
  4. A group met on April 6 to straighten tubes and check on seedling conditions.
  5. Laura Grant from Upper Susquehanna Coalition, emailed Alice to report that it would be at least 2 weeks until the nursery starts digging trees. She will contact Alice when LLWIA trees are ready for pick up. Laura also said that USC buffer steward crews have offered to visit sites and evaluate seedlings and advise on replanting. The board would welcome their assistance.

Communication with the watershed:

  1. PowerPoint presentation for The LL Association meeting:
  2. Bob will check out the logistics of transport and set up of his 60 inch TV and the computer connection for viewing the presentation.
  3. Alice will put together the Power Point; the focus was suggested to be LLWP accomplishments and future projects. Knotweed should also be included. Dede suggested keeping it short.
  4. Chicken Diner, June 29: A letter from Carol R (attached) asked for volunteers and

approval from the board as to potato salad or cole slaw. Cole slaw was okayed but no volunteers jumped up. There was discussion as to effectiveness of hand delivered fliers.

  1. Wayland town meeting:
  2. Genesee Valley Conservancy has acquired a 50 acre wooded parcel in Wayland. (Scanned page from their news letter attached) Executive Director, Ben Gajewski introduced himself to Bob at the town meeting and expressed interest in LLWP. He would like to join and visit both sites with LLWIA representatives. The board felt that a partnership with GVC could have many advantages. Bob will contact Ben and coordinate a get together.
  3. Town offices: There will be a vacancy on the town board and the zoning board. Representation of Loon Lake on both boards is welcome. Hal Sussman and Karen Monroe have shown some interest.

Other issues: (raised from the floor)

  1. Goose Egg Oiling: The geese seem to be nesting early this year. Ted has been scouting nesting sites and will schedule oiling soon.

President’s report:

  1. NYSFOLA Annual conference:

          John reminded all that the NYSFOLA conference is scheduled for May 3-4. It will be held at Lake George. He would like LLWIA to be represented.

Next Meeting: May 18 at the Chapel Deck  (If inclement weather, we will meet at the Willey’s 65 East Lake Rd.)


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