Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance   minutes

Date:           7/11/20

Place:          LLWP pavilion

Time:          9:00 am

In attendance: (Board Members [11]): Gordon Barron, Eric Busch, Joe Carlson, John Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bob Reynolds, Hal Sussman, Diane Willey

Guests: Maureen Morsch, Karen and Mark Davidson, Matt Quibel, Gary Stith,  Paula and Bernie Thoma


  1. General Fund: $5,994.07

Capital Fund:   $23,270.00

Total:                $29, 264.07

  1. Financial report: (report attached) Discussion of outstanding expenses and pledges ensued.

Financial Committee: To be held following LLWIA meeting.

ISSUE:  Water Quality (includes:  Invasive Species, Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS), Aquatic Vegetation)                  PRIORITY: 1

  1. Bubbler Investigation
  2. Solitude Glenn Sullivan Joe’s report:

Joe Carlson presented a written report (attached), which he reviewed and expanded on. Question and discussion followed

  1. As CSLAP rep Paula Thoma stated in regard to the proposed co-op committee:

“ My interest in water quality came from membership in associations, CSLAP Volunteer, and recent concern about blue green algae blooms. Stewards of the lake have made great strides in watershed projects and aquatic weed control through harvesting and various other techniques. There have also been great efforts to educate lake users via publications, the LLWIA website and the email communication We need to be attentive and proactive in our reaction to toxic algae blooms. Therefore I advocate we form a representative group to study and design an action plan for 2021 and beyond that will include reactions to suggestions for lake management by SOLITUDE, and biologists from Oneonta, Brockport and Geneseo. The plan will also address the need to study data related to new research data on chemical use to treat deep water (internal loading) of algae, and the data needed to move forward on possible grant funds. “

  1. Alice Publow also added that Mike Chislock from Brockport State has a graduate student that may be interested in using this bubbler study as his thesis and he will participate with the process. Also he suggested that Brockport conduct phosphorus analysis so at LL so we would be ready when NYS completes it’s studies for mitigating phosphorus release by use of Allum. Use approval and grants may be forth coming.
  2. Bob Reynolds made a motion that LLWIA support said co-operative committee and budget $5000 to help with funding. Eric Busch seconded and the board voted approval. Maureen Morsch volunteered to participate as an at large member.
  3. Knotweed, new remediations plan: Bob has found an experimental process for remediation of Japanese Knotweed. (attached). Hilary Mosher with NYSPRISM was contacted with a request to aid in implementing a pilot project on LL knotweed locations. In January, PRSIM will decide on their involvement and possible funding.

ISSUE:  Storm Water, Sediment Control and Stream Corridor and Wetlands Mgmt. PRIORITY:  2


  1. Preserve Property Report – Property Manager (Eric)
  2. Benches and donation options: Now that the pavilion is nearly completed, it was expressed that benches and tables should be in place ASAP. Maureen Morsch spoke to the group on behalf of her family, who would like to donate to memorial furnishings appropriate for LLWP and the pavilion. A motion was made to establish a committee to collect memorial donations and research designs and sources. Maureen Morsch and Hal Sussman will head this committee. The motion was seconded and approved.
  3. Mowing recap: The firework launch area, and the flood plain have been mowed.
    c. Pavilion- Eric suggested that some landscaping is needed on the shirting around the pavilion concrete pad, possibly with gravel and then finer grass.
    d.  Corral: – should it be kept as is, or tear it down?  The majority present felt it was a hazard and should be removed.
    e. Foundation of main barn: Eric asked that everyone give some thought to what remains of the ‘old barn’ site.  Should the lower concrete be partially filled, and remove oily wall beam?  Discussion to continue at the next meeting
  4. Electricity: There is a possibility that the town of Wayland may cover the cost of future electricity reinstallation to LLWP from the Baron Winds funds. The town will consider granting funds in 2021.
  5. Review of LLWIA Insurance coverage [Michigan Millers – through Sullivan Agency  in Wayland]: Bob reported that he has added $20,000 for the pavilion and pole barn for less then $1.00 increase. Eric asked if Bob would research the premium cost if higher coverage is added to the pavilion.
  6. Pavilion, roof, educational signs: Signage expressing thank to LLWIA supporters in LLWP pavilion was discussed. Details need to be worked out.
  7. Gift for Rob Hughes: Karen suggested a plaque recognizing the major role Rob and students made to the pavilion design and construction to be mounted front and center. The group agreed this would be a fitting tribute.
  8. Bridge schedule: On hold until Fall.

ISSUE:  Communication with watershed residents (Outreach):    PRIORITY: 3

  1. Link Articles: August: Report on the pavilion with color pictures. – Bob

December: Outreach article – Bob

Extra filler: Article on filamentous algae – Alice

Committees: Reports and review of members –  (Bob) The committee list was reviewed and amended. (New list is attached). Anyone interested in volunteering on any committee is greatly welcomed.

Other topics:

  1. Face book: there is a Facebook page ‘I Love Loon Lake’

   President’s report:

  1. Fund Raising needs: John expressed the need for donations. He asked members to knock on doors and talk to neighbors. Funds are needed. Be sure to add a donation note in the pavilion article in the next ‘Link.’

 Next meeting:  Saturday, August 8, At LLWP Pavilion, 9:00 am– bring your own chairs



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