Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance Minutes
Date: 7/10/21
Place: LLWP Pavilion
Time: 9:00 am
In attendance: (Board Members [11]): Joe Carlson, Mark Davidson, John
Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bridget Quibell, Bob
Guests: Doug and Jean Whitney, Gareth Allum
General Fund: $6,760.40
Capital Fund: $16,392.45
Total: $23,152.85
ISSUE: Water Quality (includes: Invasive Species, Onsite Waste
Treatment Systems (OWTS), Aquatic Vegetation) PRIORITY: 1
1. Knotweed Project: At Serenity Cove, some of the Knotweed
canes have grown to a diameter large enough to be strangled by
the 1/2’ mesh. The canes have girdled to an extent that they
withered and dropped off. From the lake, the green leaves in the
patch can be seen to begin to brown. We will continue to monitor,
photograph and remove dead canes.
2. Joint Water Quality aeration report: The aeration compressor
and defuser arms have been installed. Pre installation testing was
completed by Brockport students and will continue biweekly
throughout the summer.
ISSUE: Storm Water, Sediment Control and Stream Corridor and
Wetlands Mgmt. PRIORITY:
Wetlands Mgmt:
Preserve Manager’s Report: Submitted by Eric Busch
1. With the help of Ed’s tractor I mowed the flood plain and then the
section of the field near Chapel Rd for the Loon Lake Association’s
fireworks launch site. And did some trimming around the barn
foundation. The tractor is functioning very well.
2. Applied another coat of preservative to the vertical pavilion beams –
especially the outsides – to protect them from the weather per Rob
Hughes’ recommendation. Purchased another gallon of the product in
advance for future sealing as the exact product is being phased out.
3. An estimate for the electrical work is in process.
4. Trails continue to be mowed very nicely and the recent check was
ISSUE: Communication with watershed residents (Outreach):
1. Link Articles: Bob said he chose clips from Diet for a Small
Lake as filler for the ‘Alliance Matters’ page. He was complimented on a job
well done. Articles are needed for the next publication.
2. Fund Raisers:
a.LL Curio Items for 2021: Alice has collected $250 for a custom
painted box and $150 ‘buy now’ on Loon Lake Tray.
b.Blue Flag Iris: So far Alice has collected $800 with the ‘Blue
Flag Iris’ fundraiser. 86 iris have been planted. Thanks to
Bob’s donation 12 have been planted at LLWP. More are left
so please encourage neighbors to plant.
c.Ear marking of donations has been discussed and rejected as
too much paperwork. In the near future, a new meter for lake
recordings will be needed. DEC is talking about cutting the
CSLAP program 3 years off and 2 on. It is vital to have
records for consistent years and LLWIA may need to take
measurements requiring a meter with more functions. Alice
would like to know that funds will be available. Karen
suggested that a new meter be included in next years budget.
3.Publication of LLWIA meeting minutes: It was discussed
that the secretary record the meeting as accurately as possible.
When the draft goes out for review, attendees can indicate
sensitive information that they feel should not be published
on the website. However, LLWIA is transparent and open in
most matters.
Other topics:
1. Belanger Property Southeast wetland: –Karen’s group has
collected pledges in excess of $4,000 for purchase of the Belanger
Property. LLWIA Board approved the completion of the property
purchase if the total cost (which will involve a title search, title
insurance, recordation fees, and attorney fees) would not exceed
$7,000. LLWIA and/or Loon Lake Association will need to secure
a formal easement across Meyer’s farm property so that walkers
may get to the property being purchased.
2. Pavilion Dedication: Will be held on August 11 before the 7:00 to
9:00 pm concert. The celebration will include the silent auction,
ribbon cutting and toast. A flier is attached.
President’s report: John has spoken to the party that requested ‘No Boat
Launch’ clause that was included on the LLWP purchase. It was agreed that
non motorized boat such as kayaks, canoes and paddle boards may be hand
carried in and launched from the island. A sign requesting boat cleaning
before launching and facts about invasive hitch hikers be posted.
Next meeting: Saturday, Aug. 14 at 9 am at LLWP pavilion


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