Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance

Date:            3/14/20

Place:           Hayden’s (21 East Lake Rd)

Time:           9:00 am

In attendance: Matt and Bridget Quibell, Eric Busch, John Hayden, Bob Reynolds, Karen Monroe, Diane Willey, Hal Sussman (via phone:  Alice Publow; Dede Ranger)


General Fund:  $3,325.51

Capital Fund:  $21,770.00

Total:  $25,095.51

Loans outstanding:  $29,000 (added post meeting)

Pledges outstanding (2020 – 2022):  $20,100 (All 2019 pledges paid)

Karen confirmed for Dede that a check for $600 was received from Colby Ranger and a matching check for $600 was received from Benevity (Google).

Tax Update: IRS issue resolved. Four letters from IRS were received by Karen indicating no penalty will be assessed.  Taxes were filed on time.

 ISSUE:  Water Quality ((includes:  Invasive Species, (OWTS), Aquatic Vegetation)


  1. Ice is out 3/13/20 (except for patches along the eastern shore). John noted that 6

blue and 3 white barrels have been spotted floating on the lake.

  1. John noted that the NYSFOLA spring conference has been cancelled
  2. Diane mentioned that she gets regular updates from Keuka lake.

ISSUE:  Storm Water, Sediment Control and Stream Corridor and Wetlands Mgmt.)


  1. Pavilion roof costs and roof color (Bob)

Bob met with Kevin Kilbourne to obtain the quotes for the pavilion roof.  Kevin did the material and installation costs including getting detailed costs from Fabral.  Bob obtained one additional installation cost.  One quote was significantly higher that the other two for installation and will be rejected.

Bob will follow up with Rob Hughes regarding Shady Creek Construction’s workmanship and timing.  Shady Creek did the roof installation on the 18 foot octagonal shelter at the Finger Lakes museum.  Bob will also contact Shady Creek to confirm costs and schedule now that we have more detail on the roof construction (2” appearance grade Hemlock fir – installed with screws, with Titanium roof underlayment covered with Fabral standing seam metal roof) and May 19&20 tentative pavilion construction dates (from Rob Hughes).  Eric will check with Rob to confirm that the roof decking should be installed over the Pavilion framework.  (Confirmed during meeting via phone.)

Rob Hughes told Kevin that the upper open triangles of the pavilion will be filled with rough hewn pine.  Since this can affect the length of some of the metal, Kevin recommended that the metal roof material not be ordered until the decking is up, so that dimensions can be confirmed (Fabral cuts all the metal to length, only angles need to be cut by installers). Metal roof delivery takes 2 weeks from the date of order.   This would put the earliest the metal roof could be installation as June 3rd.  Brown, Green and Copper roof colors were voted on and the Fabral Evergreen 875 was selected.

  1. Preserve Property Report

Property Manager (Eric):

Eric checked the creek area where the grass seed and straw were put in. Straw is still there and there are appearances of grass coming up.  At the barn site (where no straw was put down), there is no appearance of grass growing yet.  Mark Kokanovich has offered a 42” mower for the property.  Eric will follow up.

  1. Bridge: Kevin recommended construction at R & T and volunteers are needed (Bob, John and Hal volunteered).  No date has been set yet.
  2. Alice scheduled a property visit by Andie Graham and Michael Chislock for March 18 (pending weather). They are professors at Brockport. They will survey the preserve for what plants are there and will identify invasive species. Alice would like a group pledge to focus more on ecology in the future.  (Bob will meet with Andie and Michael in Alice’s sted.)
  3. Property spring cleanup and tree tube straightening – all are encouraged as you visit the property.
  4. Recognition and fund raising were discussed. Gold plaques on the pavilion posts, individual placards, seeking a large donor over the coming years (perhaps in the form of an endowment) were discussed. Dede Ranger volunteered to get a group together to come up with ideas and recommendations. There was agreement that we need ways “To get the word out there”

 ISSUE:  Communication with watershed residents (Outreach):


Link article update: Carol Needs any articles committed for the next Link by March

  1. Bob has an emergency article available and Alice also has an article


 Other topics:

  1. 2019 – 2020 Budget:  Discuss at next meeting.  Pavilion costs should be available.
  2. What year was “early ice-out”?  2017 per Alice’s records at the cottage
  3. Chicken BBQ dinner will July 18th. The Chapel has been reserved for pick-ups.
  4. Diane mentioned that a brown streak was observed fanning out from the Antler’s

Inn creek over the ice – no one has an explanation for that.

President’s report: T-shirt order opportunity.  Elly has put together an order form. The T-shirts will be given to the students and teachers constructing the pavilion.  Others can also order.  The order needs to be in by April 18th.  Contact Elly for an order form.

 April 18 – most likely remote or via e-mail

May 9 at Monroe’s, 9:00 a.m.

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12

October 10

Respectfully Submitted,  Bridget Quibell


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