Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance   Agenda

Date:            11/14/20

Place:           Zoom

Time:           9:00 am

In attendance: 9 out of 11 Board members: Gordon Baron. Eric Busch, John Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Bridget Quibel,          

    Dede Ranger, Bob Reynolds, Diane Willey

Guests:   Mark Davidson


          General Fund:       $6,763.05   

Capital Fund:         $20,592.45

Total:                    $27,355.50

Loan repayments: John suggested that LLWIA send letters to the   individuals who are still owed loan payment, offering early repayment of one quarter of the outstanding loan money at any time they request. This letter will also suggest that they consider contributing a portion of the early repayment or forgive a portion of it or the remaining balance due. All present approved the motion. Karen and John will write the letter and send it out.

ISSUE:  Storm Water, Sediment Control and Stream Corridor and Wetlands Mgmt. PRIORITY:

Storm Water: Committee to address run off issues

  1. Culvert Concerns Committee: John toured the lake and because of the low water was able to locate all pipes which empty into the lake. A map was made and sent out. It was suggested that research be done this winter on remediation techniques to slow and clarify run off. There was much discussion about remediation of Laf-a-Lot parking lot runoff, but nothing can be done until the new owner is approached and plans for the property are finalized.

Wetlands Mgmt:

  1. Loon Lake Wetland Preserve (LLWP) Report – Property Manager (Eric Busch)
  2. Mowing has been completed. Thanks to Kevin for facilitating.
  3. The snowmobile club is exchanging paperwork with Eric for permission to cross the Preserve parking area.
  4. Spring Clean Up: the remaining rubber gloves and trash will be scheduled for clean up early spring 2021 before the vegetation grows up. Disposal of the gloves will be difficult because they are not biodegradable and classified like tires.
  5. T4Tribs tree order: Alice has ordered 5 American Hazelnut, 5 Black Cherry, 5 Black Willow, 5 Eastern Redbud, 5 Shagbark Hickory and 5 Tulip Poplar to replace trees lost over the winter. She also suggested planning tree locations with the pavilion. Bob reminded that trees need to be replaced on the north side of the creek.
  6. The new benches and tables have been clearly branded by John (with LLWIA). It was decided to leave them in the pavilion with the hopes that the permanent marking will deter theft and have them available for use throughout the seasons.

ISSUE:  Communication with watershed residents (Outreach):     PRIORITY: 3

  1. Link Articles
  2. Dec ‘Alliance Matters’ page is completed.
  3. Spring: Alice will write an article about septic systems.
  4. Bob will have additional “Did You Know” shorties.
  5. ‘Ask the Expert’: The November SUNY Brockport presentation has been postponed because of covid college shut down.

Other topics:

Leaf Pick up: Loon Lake Association has canceled the yearly leaf pick up due to a lack of volunteer help and a location to dump the leaves. LLWIA has volunteered to help with this project. Diane will contact the Association to discuss reviving this service.

 President’s report:

  1. Conflict of Interest Statements: John will send out the yearly Conflict of Interest statements. The Board is asked to fill out, sign and return them to John ASAP.

Next meeting:  There will be no scheduled December or January meetings.

The next meeting will be a ZOOM meeting on Feb. 13, 2021.  The log-in ID is 8581068017 and the Password is 5uq2v7.



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