Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance

Date:           Sept 14, 2019

Place:           John Hayden’s (21 East Lake Rd)

Time:          9 am

In attendance: (board total is 10): Eric Busch, Joe Carlson, John Hayden, Karen Monroe, Alice Publow, Dede Ranger, Bob Reynolds, Ed Sick, Diane Willey

Others: Bridget Quibel

Minutes from last meeting

          Reviewed and approved

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. General Fund is $7,769.36

Capital Fund is $22,770

Loan Balance is $31,500

  1. The updated Pledge Balance Worksheet and the Stearns Chicken Sale Profit Statement are attached. We collected $1,585.00 with the Silent Auction, after a donation was given to Laf A Lot. (chicken dinner figures attached).


  1. Managers report:
  2. Excavations are planned for mid October. The wetland road ‘hump’ will be removed creating a channel into the wetland behind the island.
  3. The barn floor has been removed. a safety berm has been established from 12 truck loads of donated fill. If they can be found in the weeds, the remaining gloves should be removed from the wetland and buried under the barn location.
  4. Kevin will help in pricing and suggesting buyers for the remaining beams. Stan will take them if no one wants them.
  5. An electrician has estimated $1,000 to re-establish electric for the LLWP
  6. Concrete bridge abutments are being donated by Bellangers. Kevin Kilbourne is arranging with contractor Mike Landino to place them..
  7. Pavilion
  8. The slab will cost $5.133, the lumber approximately $3,000 and roof cost has not yet been determined.
  9. A half dozen LLWIA board members walked the LLWP and discussed locations for the pavilion. The discussion resumed at the meeting. Two locations, #1 being close to the corral and #2 being closer to the neighbors on the east were chosen for a vote. Issues including established driveways in with parking, road noise, accessibility by individuals with reduced mobility, need for street parking and walking distance from off street parking. The prime concern expressed was views from the site. On this basis, site #2 was selected by a vote of 5 to 3. Voters for site #2 did not feel that parking on Chapel Road was a concern and that a small drop off/parking area could by graveled. The attitude of the slab is to be on a diagonal to the road.
  10. Brockport report: Andie Graham submitted a report of over 20 photos of native wetland plants, all identified. (Alice passed around copies that John graciously printed. Thank You)
  11. Plantings: Andie recommended Southerntier Consulting as a source for seeds for wetlands planting. (Catalog not attached-contact if you want it) Chelsea sent a sheet of grass seeds that Soil & Water may be able to hydro seed, but will these grasses germinate underwater in the spring waters?


  1. Bob’s report: Tabled till next meeting
  2. Carolyn Case shared an article on knotweed. It stated says that Britain has mortgage limititations on properties that have knotweed and sited the dangers of this invasive.

Goose Hunting:

  1. 1. John reported that 3 individuals have been authorized to hunt geese from LLWP. One resident expressed concern that John addressed with the explanation about the pollution caused by the over population of geese in NYS.
  2. There has been a request to hunt from Ford Kenny and Gordon Barron, both LL residents. The use of a lottery system may be considered for next year.

Water Quality:

  1. Joe expressed concern that LLWIA should refocus on water quality and asked what we have done lately that impacts that directly? Holding pond at Antlers Inn Road, wetland/preserve (not yet completed), geese control by hunting and egg oiling, and info on weed control as examples. The Lake Association already has weed harvesting and CSLAP testing underway.

The preserve has been the dominant major project, which should require less attention in the future. He suggested we revisit our objectives to see what we can try to accomplish regarding water quality (WQ). We need ideas.

Suggestion: More frequent, consistent measurement (especially ecoli) not just CSLAP. More evaluation of what CSLAP really tells us. Consider knotweed issue as a water quality matter, despite doubt we can do anything. Consult with NYSFOLA. Revisit ideas about encouraging septic tank problems, despite doubt we can do anything. Look for ways to encourage homeowners to buy into improving water quality for their own benefit. Most importantly, look for WQ ideas, which should, after all, be our main purpose.

Fund Raising:

  1. Dede asked the board to give quick thought to next years fund raising activities. The board approved continuing the chicken dinner, Celebrate the Lake and silent auction. It would like to establish a calendar of the recurring events.

Green Book update: Bob will start work on an update

Other issues: None where raised from the floor

Next Meeting: Oct 12, 2019 at John’s (21 E. Lake Rd.)


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