State of the Lake red binders

Copies of the State of Loon Lake (SOL) red binders are available for loan out.  the State of the Lake document is comprised of 72 pages of all sorts of historical and technical information about the lake.  Everyone should find something interesting in the document.

Pages 41-48 list all of the issues that have been identified by the Alliance group as possible issues that should be worked on.  The top priority issue has been identified as “On-site Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS)”.  The number 2 priority item has been identified as “Storm water and Sediment Control + Stream Corridor Management”.

Copies of the SOL are available from Bob Reynolds: 42 E. Lake Rd.;  Phone 585-213-4226 and E-mail:

The Alliance group has been steadily working on the issues identified in the SOL.  More volunteers are always needed for this work.  Updates will be posted on the website as developments occur.