Capital Fund Drive

We need your help!

2022 is the final year of the 5-year pledges.  This capital fund drive will be concluded 7/31/22.

On Friday September 1, 2017, the LLWIA acquired the 10.1 acres of property at the corner of Rte. 21 and Chapel Road (formerly the Meyers’ property).

Some very generous property owners around the lake gave $135,000 dollars and loaned another $65,000 to meet the $200,000 sale price.

The Alliance group felt this would be the only opportunity to clean up the property and restore the wetlands which had been mostly destroyed by filling in by the previous owner.  The purchase makes it possible to divert the creek flow restoring the natural flood plain back across wetlands to reducing the amount of silt and nutrients flowing into the lake. Wetlands are nature’s filter removing nutrients lessening harmful algae blooms and excessive aquatic weed growth.

The loans that are now outstanding are interest free for a period of 5 years, after which significant penalties for non-payment become activated.

We are asking for resident support to repay these loans in the form of 5-year pledges to gift a $ amount to LLWIA each year for 5 years.  Reminder letters will be sent out at the beginning of May each year for payment by the end of June.   Basically, to repay the $65,000 in loans we need pledges that add up to $13,000/year for the 5 years.

The Capital Fund drive committee is comprised of Bob Reynolds and Jack Pryor.  Bob and Jack will meet with as many property owners as possible in an information sharing meeting to explain what is happening with the property and to answer any questions.  When Bob and Jack meet with you, they will give you a copy of the Capital Fund Drive overview sheet and a copy of the pledge form.

If you wish to forgo the information meeting, you may print off the pledge form, make your pledge and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

Articles will be posted on the website periodically and will be included in the Loon Lake Link when possible to explain what is happening with the property and what the plans for the future are.

              Pledge Form is below


An IRC Section 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization



Pledge Agreement


pledge to donate $ _____________ per year for 5 years to the Loon Lake Watershed

Improvement Alliance (LLWIA) Capital Fund Drive

on (date) __________________________________.  The pledged amount will be due by June 30 of each year beginning in 2018 and extending through the fall of 2022.

[This gift/pledge will only be shared with the fund committee (Bob Reynolds and Jack Pryor) and LLWIA officers unless otherwise specified.  Bob can be reached at 585-633-5002 or  Jack can be reached at 607-324-7545 or]

Signed __________________________________  Date _____________

Please hand print the following:

Name _______________________________________________

No, & Street __________________________________________

City/State/Zip _________________________________________

Accepted by ________________________________ on behalf of LLWIA

[Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by tax law.]

If mailing this pledge, address to:

Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance, Inc. (LLWIA)

PO Box 372

Wayland, NY 14572