Rules and Regulations on Boating and Lake Usage

Boat and Water Safety

NOTE THAT boat traffic direction on Loon Lake is COUNTER CLOCKWISE around the lake.  Please observe this rule especially when water skiing or tubing.

Make Certain That:

1.  Your boat is properly equipped with

  • approved personal flotation devices for each passenger
  • approved personal flotation devices worn by any person being towed
  • navigation lights displayed on all boats between sunset and sunrise
  • fire extinguisher in working order
  • proper license and registration

2.  No alcohol should be consumed while operating any motor craft

3.  All motorized vessels must give right of way to sail and fishing crafts.  Vessel speed is 6 mph within 100 feet of shore, dock, anchored boats and floats (unless picking up or dropping off a water skiier)

4.  All persons between ages 14-18 must have their ‘safety certificate’ which NYS law requires before operating a mechanically propelled water vehicle alone.  This certificate must be carried at all times when operating a boat or jetski.

5.  Personal water crafts (jet skis etc) must observe the same rules as all boats.  All pwc operators, regardless of age, must take a safety course and be certified.  Wake jumping is prohibited.

6.  Water skiing is allowed in NYS only between sunrise and sunset.  A person at least 10 years of age must be in the watercraft in a postion to observe, at all times, when pulling or towing water skiers, surfboarders, tubers or similar devices.

Please inform your guests and friends on the lake!

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