Joint Water Quality Study

Joint Water Quality Committee Beginning Year Two of Study

    Committee members, in alliance with Dr. Michael Chislock and the limnology team from SUNY Brockport, are currently reviewing data from year one of the pilot study.  The committee is a step closer to meeting our goals; determining the status of internal loading in the deepest waters, and the effectiveness of diffused-aeration to tamp shoreline blooms and decrease loose sediment.

    During year one, deep water samples were analyzed for water quality and nutrient analysis.  As with many lakes, there is significant phosphorus trapped in the deepest level. Under certain conditions, this phosphorus is released from the bottom sediments and adds to the production of unhealthy lake conditions, including harmful algae blooms.  The team also monitored our population of large-bodied zooplankton, Daphnia. These herbivores play an important role in reducing the risk of algae blooms.

    Year two of the study will include further research on the impact of Daphnia in our waters, the protection of the species, and the relationship of their health to further lake management options.

    The Brockport Team collected four rounds of samples from the aeration site (Serenity Cove) as well as the control sites in Antlers Inn and Laf-a-Lot coves. The two-year pilot design allows for collection of data over a longer period. Although diffused-aeration has been a technique used in ponds for many years, our application of diffused-aeration in lake coves is a bit understudied.  The diffusers were turned off in October to assure appropriate ice coverage. They will be turned on in May.

    Thank you to all involved, and especially to the two lake associations for funding this project.  The more we study our lake and its unique conditions, the more proactive we can be to maintain the beauty of Loon Lake.

    Committee Members:

Joseph Carlson, Alice Publow, Doris Gross, Maureen Maus, Joe Harrington, Paula Thoma

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Pavilion Summer Schedule – updated 5-24-22

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Loon Lake Pavilion Concert June 14

This concert is at the Pavilion from 6:45 – 8:00 p.m.

More information on the attached flier

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Loon Lake Sewer Engineering Study begins

HUNT-EAS is a multi-discipline design firm with offices in Rochester and Horseheads, NY  and Towanda, PA.  We support private and public sector clients with engineering, architectural, and survey services. 

Overview: Along with our Town partners, we are about to execute a sewer study for the Loon Lake area that will evaluate alternative methods of supplying sewer service to property owners on and contiguous to Loon Lake. 

There are two primary objectives: 1) to improve the water quality in Loon Lake, and 2) to protect the drinking water supply to residents.  By creating a sewer service, the Town would eliminate the need for septic systems or holding tanks.  The study will develop sewer alternatives with a focus on compliance and affordability.  Property owners will be engaged, and a series of public meetings will be held.

This type of planning grant, and acceptance by property owners, are necessary steps towards grant funding application and construction.  Acceptance of the preferred alternative by property owners, via a referendum, and approval of the Town of Wayland would be required to move forward.

The study does not bind the property owners. 

Background: HUNT-EAS applied on behalf of the Town to a jointly operated NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation program.  The study will cost $36,000, with a $30,000 grant from NYS and $6,000 matching grant courtesy of the Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance and the Loon Lake Association.  HUNT-EAS has done many of these over the years.

Next Steps: HUNT-EAS is planning on attending a group meeting at the Loon Lake Community Chapel on Memorial Day weekend.  This will be an opportunity to discuss the study and receive comments from property owners.

More details about the Chapel kick-off are forthcoming.  Your participation will be of an enormous value.

Below is the photo of the kick-off ceremony.

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2022 LLWIA Auction

          Due to popular request, I have painted lake scenes on several curio items to raise donations for Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance (LLWIA).  Photos of these items, and other auction offerings, are on the website,  Interested persons are welcome to visit me to view items. The LLWIA schedule is not yet finalized so an auction closing date is not set. Donating the ‘Buy Now’ will give you the desired item at any time within 2 weeks of auction closing.  I will also consider commission pieces for a LLWIA donation.

 Alice Publow


9.5″ tall x 12″ wide x 18″ long Opening Bid = $75 Buy Now = $300

Jewelry Box

Walnut Finish 4.25″ tall x 8″ wide x 18″ long

Opening Bid = $100 Buy Now = $350

Large Bowl

4″ tall x 6″ diameter Opening Bid = $75 Buy Now = $250

Medium Box

3″ tall x 6″ long x 3″ deep Opening Bid = $40 Buy Now = $120

Small Bowl # 2

2″ tall x 6″ diameter Opening Bid = $25 Buy Now = $100

Small Bowl #1

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sm-bowl-2.jpg

2″ tall x 6″ diameter Opening Bid = $25 Buy Now = $100

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Small Bowl #1

2″ tall x 6″ diameter Opening Bid = $25 Buy Now = $100

Toy chest (not painted by Alice)

Barnwood exterior, vinyl cushioned top 35 1/2″ long x 10 7/8″ wide x 18″ deep (top interior dimensions) Opening Bid = $50 Buy Now = $100

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Preserve creek clean out

It turns out that the creek on the Preserve property needs to be cleaned out of debris periodically. This helps water flow freely into the flood plain on the property and also prevents water from building up behind debris dams and flooding over onto the Davis Road properties. One can contact Eric Busch at to volunteer to be part of a work team to do this clean out.

See the photos below to see what the creek bed looked like before and after the cleanout which was done recently mostly by Mark Kokanovich.

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Brockport Class visits Loon Lake

On Thursday afternoon, November 4, 2021, Michael Chislock, Ecology Professor for SUNY Brockport, brought a class of 17 students to collect samples and take recordings on Loon Lake. The students will, in the lab, compare the biology and chemistry with samples they took at other near by lakes such as Conesus and Silver Lakes. Groups had different assignments and gave a quick report before they left. Loon Lake faired well in comparison in water clarity, and in amount, verity and size of zooplancton (beneficial critters). Thanks to neighbors who loaned watercraft and Allums for use of their shoreline for launching.

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Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive pest

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New Septic System

Newer Septic Field Product Uses 1/3 the Space

This summer was decision time for our aging septic system on the lake side of Laf-a-Lot Road.  The septic field was failing from tree roots and other issues.  Any re-working of the septic field would be too close to the lake to be permitted.

Fortunately we had been able to purchase land across the road 20 years ago.  This allowed us to go under the road to a new septic field with gray water effluent from a two-part septic tank pumped uphill to where the new field would be installed.

Here’s where a newer product was helpful.  By using Eljen Company filters underground we were able to install 64 feet of trenching versus 200 feet of traditional trenching.  This allowed us to preserve trees and most of a parking area.  These super-absorbent filters quickly absorb the liquid then release it slowly into surrounding sand.  The installation is completely level and fine for foot traffic and field sports.

At least one local excavation contractor installs this product, which was recommended and approved by the environmental engineer on contract with the Town of Wayland.  There was additional cost for the filters, partially offset by lower excavation costs.

I believe this is a good space-saving solution that will work well for us and will be better for the lake.  The installation is at 117 Laf-A-Lot Rd.  I am willing to share technical and cost information with folks via cell phone 614-330-1219. [See photo below]

    -Eric Busch

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Grand Opening

The Grand Opening was a big success with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Rob Hughes cutting the ribbon. The Sterling Brass Quintet provided some very nice music. Dede Ranger organized the whole event and made sure there was some delicious snacks to be had.

The event finished with a silent auction of hand-painted items by Alice Publow which brought in some much needed funds to the Alliance coffers. Alice actually won the 50/50 drawing and generously donated her winnings back to the Alliance coffers as well.

Here are a couple of photos of the event:

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Knotweed Project

Japanese Knotweed is called the Godzilla weed because it is so hard to defeat. This non-native bamboo is creeping its way around Loon Lake’s waterfront, destroying the precious natural habitat. Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance (LLWIA) and Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) have joined in a pilot project designed to halt the progress.

Volunteer have removed dry growth and emerging buds on a large pilot patch at Serenity Cove. The area was than covered with metal mesh and any green material carefully destroyed. The shoots will grow through the ½’ holes and be strangled. This prevents nourishment from getting to the rhizome root system ‘starving’ the plant while killing the shoots. The mesh will need to be in place for a few years to eliminate the plant. Volunteers will monitor, taking pictures and observing the results.

In the past two years, LLWIA volunteers treated a knotweed patch on Loon Lake Wetland Preserve by covering it with heavy mil plastic and tarps. This experiment has had some success but there are issues with degeneration of plastic materials. Results from both forms of remediation will be compared You can help by checking your property for this invasive plant and notifying Alice Publow with any discoveries or questions. Donations made to LLWIA at PO Box 372 Wayland NY 14572 will support projects like this one and others that benefit the Loon Lake environment.

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Blue Flag Iris Sale Postponed for 2022

The Blue Flag Iris sale will be postponed this spring. Alice would like to wait and see how last year’s plants have survived. Please contact her ( with your observations. (Native plant’s can be purchased locally at Amanda’s Garden

       By planting Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolor) you can help the health of Loon Lake. These flowers not only add beauty, their root systems remove nutrients, stabilize the shoreline and break up the wave action. They thrive in full sun to partial shade. In the spring, they can be seen growing under the water and are just as happy when the water recedes and leaves them on shore. They will grow among the rocks or on muddy shores. They can be planted up until late summer when the shoreline is exposed.

            By donating to Loon Lake Watershed I

$ 10 Donation per plant or

$ 25 Donation of 3 plants

Contact Alice Publow at 585-213-4011 or

Iris and other native plants grown locally and supplied by:

Amanda’s Native Garden in Dansville

This fundraiser will continue throughout the summer 2021.

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