Lake Issues

Loon Lake has a number of issues which affect its long-term health, its value as a lake fit for swimming, boating, and other recreation, and as a safe home for residents or visitors, and their descendants.  Many residents have theories about which problems are the most serious.  Some are mostly just a nuisance and have been around for a long time and are just nature’s way of working.   Inadequate or non-existent sewage systems, invasive and natural species of aquatic weeds, geese and other waterfowl, boating, runoff of agricultural pesticides and animal waste, stream bank and shoreline erosion, change in lake level, climate variation, and the intrusive effects of things outside the lake boundaries, but within its watershed are all issues. These and more are factors which affect the lifespan and health of the lake.  But which are the most important?  If we want to prolong the life and health of the lake, should we not try to improve it?  Remediation of some problems may be too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive.

The Loon Lake Association and Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance (LLWIA) work both separately and jointly to address the issues that face the lake.