Weed Mat Trial

Benthic Mat Report Alice Publow

Date: 9/25/17

Participant: Alice Publow 213-4011

Location: 80 Lindenwood Dr

Time Span & Movement: Approximately June 10 through September 10. The mat was not relocated during this period.

Bottom conditions & Water depth: The mat was placed in roughly 4.5 to 6 feet of water. The bottom is rocky with very little silt. The mat was placed on top of a very dense milfoil bed.

Observations: It was very difficult to set the mat in water over waste deep by two persons in the water, even with lines in each corner. It took almost a week for the mat to settle presumably because weed plants held it up. There was a definite boarder at the edge of the weed bed and the mat. The mat was removed with the use of a boat and motor. This made handling much easier. Upon removal, the mat had virtually not silt collected, but it was covered in slimy algae. Surprisingly, several weeks after removal, there is no new weed growth.

Conclusions: The Benthic mat was very effective in controlling weeds. Handling of the mat was the problem. In shallower water or with many hands and a boat and motor, it would be a viable way to keep a recreation area weed free.