Bike visit to Wind Turbine construction

On 7/27 I met up with a guy over at the gravel pit who drives the pick-up at the back of the trailer carrying the blade or other component for the wind turbines. He was a wealth of information. He actually steers the back wheels of the trailer to make the turns. He said there are 4 tower sections and that the blades attach to the nacelle which attaches to the hub. From the numbers he gave me, whole assembly weighs about 350 tons. Whoops, forgot to add the weight of 3 blades which is an additional 200 + tons, bringing the total to over 550 tons!

I decided to check out the wind turbine construction off New Galen road today.  Two turbines are planned at the top of a new road they built off of New Galen.  I biked up that new road which was very bumpy and difficult to bike.   It looks as if they have all of the parts for the two turbines at the site.  I took a few photos showing everything.  I thought it would be too dangerous to bike down the gravel road, so I walked the bike down.  I had to zig-zag down because my bike is very heavy and it wanted to charge down the hill by itself!

Here is a difficult to read site map for the 32 turbines