Lake Level

The lake depends on snow and rain (and some springs) to keep the water level up.  The red line is the lake level average from  8/13 to 8/15 in feet from an arbitrary starting point of 0 feet.   The cyan line is the lake level average from 8/15 to 8/18.  The magenta line is the average lake level from the 8/18 to 8/20.  The black line is the average lake level from 9/19 to 9/21.  On 11/9/20 the level was at 0.58 feet.  The minimum recorded level over the period from 8/23/13 (when we started measuring) until now was 0.3 feet.  The maximum level recorded was 3.54 feet on on 10/31/21 (see arrow) – which is a new high since we have been keeping track beginning 8/23/13!  We went from that record high to tying the low record of 0.3 feet.   We’ll have to hope for a lot of rain and snow in the coming months to bring the level up!  (One caveate:  we changed the measuring location from John’s dock to the notch on his permanent deck, so measurements could be slightly off)

[Thanks to John Hayden for measuring the level every 2 weeks.]