Tax Exemption Granted

The LLWIA is thrilled to report that after first being rejected for a County, Town and School real estate tax exemption, that decision has been reversed and the tax exemption on the Alliance Preserve property has been granted.  The application was made by Megan Dorritie of the law firm of Harter Secrest & Emery and she has been advised that the application was approved without the need to appear before the Appeals Board.

John Hayden had the foresight to engage a law firm with experience in obtaining tax exemptions.  Thanks to John, Megan and Alice Publow, the appeal documents submitted included clear and definitive information and photographs supporting the environmental and educational use of the property since its acquisition, as well as plans for how it will be used in the future to enhance and protect our watershed.

Local residents, full time and seasonal, area Boy Scouts, colleges and high schools have helped us to improve the quality of the land surface and have studied land and water to learn what we must do in the future.  We’ve also been helped in many ways by our Town and County governments which have shared our desire to protect a regional asset for us and those who will follow us.

There is more to do and, with the continuing support from folks who can clearly see both the accomplishments and the opportunity for further improvements, we aim to do more in the years ahead.