Professional Property Management

We are fortunate to have Eric volunteering his expertise for this important LLWIA effort.


The Project Manager for the Loon Lake Wetlands Preserve is Eric Busch, a Vice President for LLWIA.

Eric worked for The Ohio State University for 35 years and earned both his Masters of Business Administration degree (with emphasis in finance) and his undergraduate degree from Ohio State.

For 8 years Eric was a police officer with Ohio State University as part of its 72-officer department. He served as an officer, a shift supervisor, and as supervisor of investigations.

After earning his MBA he worked as a supervisor in Internal Auditing and then served the rest of his career in the Division of Student Affairs, serving most of it as an Assistant Vice President. Most of his time there he served as chief fiscal and human resources officer for this area with 1,100 employees and annual budget exceeding $100 million. In later years he directly managed 8 departments with 250 regular employees. After retirement he served as a consultant with Public Safety at Ohio State.

Also after retirement Eric served on the City of Westerville, Ohio, Parks and Recreation Department Advisory Board for a number of years, including as president of that board. Westerville – a city of 38,000 – has an exceptional parks and recreation department, several times earning the top national award for cities of that size. The city operates dozens of parks, with four including wetlands and one with a kettle pond. Eric later served on the Parks Foundation board, which raised funds for the department’s projects. He also served as a member then president of the Westerville Library Foundation and was a Kiwanis member for 30 years.

Eric was appointed to Westerville City Council to fill an open seat in 2008, and served for 3.5 years in that role. During that time he served as a member of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, council representative to the recreation advisory board, and Vice Mayor.

Eric’s ancestors came from Germany to Perkinsville and Cohocton around 1840, with Will Folts being one of the owners of the Folts Brothers Store in Perkinsville. Eric’s grandparents bought a cottage on Loon Lake in 1933 on Laf-a-Lot Road and it has been in the Busch family ever since.