Pavilion – Many Parts

The Loon Lake Preserve qualifies for a tax exemption based on it being used for an educational facility.  To further that goal, a pavilion (see sketch below) is being built on the property to shelter teachers and students when they visit and to house information about the wetland, plants and animals on the property.

While Rob Hughes designed the pavilion for free and he and his students will erect it for free, the LLWIA will have to pay for the concrete pad (shown below with Mike Landino and crew), the lumber and the roof.  The preliminary estimated cost for all of this is $20,000.

If you would like to make a specific contribution for the construction of the pavilion, send your check to LLWIA, PO Box 372, Wayland, NY 14572 and mark it “for Pavilion”.

Your contribution may allow you to take a deduction on your taxes since LLWIA is an IRC Section 591(c)(3) nonprofit organization