Loon Lake Preserve Pavilion Raising

June 17, 2020

Alumni and volunteers raised a pavilion built by students in the STEAM (Science,Technology, Art, Math) Program taught by teacher Rob Hughes at Wayland-Cohocton High School.  Until the Pandemic closed the school, students worked to design and cut detailed structural beams.  Because of school closings, Rob completed the cutting and finishing of the beams in his own shop.

Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance contributed $20,500 for raw materials.  Rogers & Tenbrook provided many of the materials at cost.  This structure will be used for on-going educational programs and by residents of the Loon Lake community.  A structure of this quality has a value of more than $47,000.  Sincere thanks to students, alumni, volunteers, Rogers & Tenbrook and Rob Hughes for building this remarkable structure

The last photo shows the completed pavilion with the metal roof which was installed at a later date.

From left to right: Rob Hughes, Michael Feinman, MacKenzie Curtin, Rich Miller, Michelle Curtin, Jim McLaughlin, Dick Saxton, John Hayden, Zane Simonowicz, Justin Stuck, Jake Weiand photo by Tracy Hughes (Rob’s sister)