Small Lakes Matter

One of the messages discussed at the Western New York Federation of Lakes Regional Conference was the importance of small-lake stories.  Small lakes such as ours, often go unnoticed because these lakes are not water sources, nor impaired enough to warrant grant awards large enough to fund preventive management techniques. However, many of our small-lake neighbors are achieving great things, and NYSFOLA would like to highlight these projects or stories.

            So began our journey to the regional conference to present and stand mighty among the larger lake projects.  The Water Quality Committee members, as well as a large group from our two associations were present to add to a storyline, that included all the past and present lake improvement projects. These projects fill our toolbox with techniques and knowledge that bring us closer to developing an appropriate “diet” for our small lake.

            Of special interest was an update on the Aeration Pilot Program that included the study of deep-water storing of phosphorous, and how it impacts hazardous bloom activity. We also highlighted how and at what level the diffused aerators in our pilot cove have impacted water quality/HABS/ and the decrease of loose muck.

            The pilot program has operated for one and a half seasons. We will operate again next season to complete our pilot. The committee will be reviewing the results, mid-study, to formulate 2023 objectives. Some of the results that will influence our objectives are:

  • Accumulation of nutrients and phosphorus in the deep water that increase as the summer progresses
  • Early set up of the low oxygen level and the accumulation of algae abundance at this mid-depth level
  • How the two processes above increase the likelihood of HABS
  • Do indicators of slightly higher dissolved oxygen and pH, changes in nutrient patterns due to the aerator circulation, and minimal loose muck impact, create a positive enough effect to warrant operation of the aerators at our shorelines

            We appreciated the opportunity to share our journey at this conference.  A full copy of the PowerPoint will be posted with this article on the Loon Lake website. You may also check out the website for future updates on this project as we move toward completion in 2023.

            Let’s create more stories to tell about our lake!

Loon Lake Water Quality Committee

Joe Carlson

Doris Gross

Maureen Morsch

Alice Publow

Cathy Saxton

Bernie and Paula Thoma

Brockport Environmental Studies Friends

If you would like a copy of the Powerpoint presentation, contact Paula Thoma at

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