Lake Irksome Issues

Loon Lake is meant to be enjoyed, however, we ask all residents and visitors to realize that a lot of residents live here every day, 365 days a year. Loon Lake is NOT a resort community like Cancun, Mexico! Residents have jobs, children, pets etc. and have to get up early for work, daycare, pet care, medical appointments…the list goes on. We are not all on vacation; we are living our DAILY LIVES.

If you rent your Loon Lake property or if you are a renter or guest to our area or if you are a cottage owner and resident of Loon Lake, please take the time to read the following list of Irksome Issues. The points listed below were contributed by Loon Lake residents.

  1. New York State requires a boater’s license for anyone 14 years old and up. Younger children should NOT be driving a boat or jet ski.
  2. New York State requires boat registration. Jet skis also require registration!
  3. Loon Lake has a no wake zone of 100 feet from shore. Jet skis should follow that distance as well! Jet skis have been seen flying into our various coves at high speeds very, very close to shore and swimmers. Jet skis have been seen playing tag/racing with each other. We have video! Many feel it is just a matter of time before someone gets injured or worse. Please review boater safety with your family members as well as your short term renters! Please keep an eye on your teen jet ski operators.
  4. Loon Lake has a proud history and culture of fishing. (The Loon Lake Association has had a well funded fish fund for years!) Please do not be rude to the fishermen by racing around their canoes or boats on jet skis.
  5. Bonfires or campfires are never to be left unattended. Our cottages are very close together in spots. One spark (even from a cigarette) can start a fire that will burn down one or more cottages. Drown your fire before leaving the property or retiring inside for the night; do not leave any live fire unattended.
  6. Keep the noise down! Late night parties and loud music interfere with residents’ daily lives and responsibilities. Again for those in the back: Loon Lake is NOT a resort community. We expect the July 4th holiday to be noisy with fireworks. (We even pay for a fireworks display on the 4th.) However, private fireworks on any other evening is disruptive and rude. Please be considerate.
  7. Please keep your speed down while driving. Many of us walk on our narrow, curvy roads. Children ride bikes and scooters. Dog walkers are numerous. Strollers abound. PLEASE keep your speed down.
  8. Please do not wash your dog(s) or shave your human legs and other body parts in the lake. Don’t empty your half filled beer or soda cans into the lake. Don’t dispose of your cigarettes in the lake. We can see you!
  9. Pick up after your dog(s). The Town of Wayland has a leash law as well.
  10. Please do not burn your garbage (plastic, etc.) in your fire pit or barrel. It is against New York State law. We do not want to inhale toxic fumes. If you have renters, you should be providing garbage receptacles or the like. You can report polluters by calling the DEC hotline at 1-844-332-3267.
  11. Please inform your guests and/or short term renters where they should park their cars. Many residents report their own parking spots being used by others. If you are expecting a large crowd, make sure you consider where your guests will park. Blocking the road(s) is not an option.

The Loon Lake Association has no power to regulate what homeowners do. If you have a problem with a neighbor, please speak directly to them about it. Have a problem with a short term renter? Speak to the cottage owner about it. Do you have the phone numbers of your neighbors?

As listed in the Annual Loon Lake Association Directory, the New York State Police in Wayland can be reached at 585-728-2200. The Steuben County Sheriff in Bath, New York can be reached at 800-252-0820. 911 is the number for all immediate emergencies. The Town of Wayland website can be found at You can find elected officials’ contact information there.

If you would like to add anything to the Irksome Issues list, please email You just can’t make this stuff up.

~Maryalice Kilbourne 9/22

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