Who We Are


The Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance is an IRC Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Your contribution to the Alliance is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If you would like to help the Alliance in its efforts to improve the lake and watershed for all to enjoy, you may mail your donation to the address below or contact Kathy DeClerck for other arrangements.

Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance, Inc.

PO Box 372

Wayland, NY 14572


Eric Busch, President and Property Manager [ebusch@columbus.rr.com, 614-330-1219 (cell)]

Alice Publow, VP  [710Alice@gmail.com,  585-213-4011 (cottage)]

       Bridget Quibell, Secretary [bquibell@stny.rr.com,  585-313-4530]

Bob Reynolds, VP and Web Master [PCBOB@stny.rr.com,  585-213-4226 (Home) 585-213-0584 (cell)]

       Karen Monroe, Treasurer [KMonroe002@outlook.com, 607-382-3121]

Board of Directors:  

John Hayden (past president), Joseph M. Carlson, Dede Ranger, Bridget Quibell, Hal Sussman, Mark Davidson, Jean Maess and each of the officers listed above

Environmental Consultant:  Hilary Mosher

Founder:  Darryl Miller

Past Board Members:  Hilary Mosher, Kathy De Clerck, Paula Thoma, Angie Wichman, Gordon Barron

Committees (as specified in the Bylaws)                                           7/9/22 RER

(note:  The president is an ex officio member of all committees)


Reynolds, Busch, Ranger, B. Thoma, K. Monroe, Hayden


Hayden, R. Reynolds, Maess

Outreach (Education?)

    Ranger, Publow

Grants (includes government interface)


Other Committees (as authorized by the Board)

Executive Committee

Publow, Busch, R. Reynolds, Monroe



Preserve Memorial

Maureen Morsh, Hal Sussman (co-leaders), Ranger

Water Quality Improvement (Joint Committee with LL Association)

Paula Thoma, Joe Carlson, Alice Publow, Maureen Morsch, Doris Gross, Joe Harrington

(Bernie Thoma – grant support)


State of the Lake and Watershed Improvement Plan

Publow, R. Reynolds


tlands Restoration

Ranger, Belanger, Busch

Environmental Lake conditions, DO and Temp monitoring, etc.)

Publow, R.Reynolds, Hayden

Onsite Waste Treatment

R. Reynolds


R. Reynolds, Maryalice Kilbourne


Macrophyte Survey Weed Mapping