July 4th, 2022

This year’s boat parade theme is An Old Fashioned Fourth of July!

July 2, 3,4 Board Members collect for fireworks. Please be generous.

Monday July 4 :

From 1:00 through 3:00 pm is NO WAKE TIME. This is a quiet time on the lake, with

no motorized equipment (skiers, speed boats, jet skis, party boats etc.) This period allows

sail boaters safety and allows boat parade participants time to decorate their boats and motor to

the northeast end of the lake to 55 East Lake Rd. for the start of of 2:00 pm parage.

2:00 pm – Boat Parade An Old Fashioned Fourth of July is our theme this year.

Just before dark the Perkinsville Fire Department Truck’s siren will sound off to let us know when to

light our flares for our annual Ring of Fire!

And at dark, FIREWORKS!

Thank you to all residents, families & guests for your consideration during all activities. Stay safe and enjoy your time together!