Dissolved Oxygen Sampling

If you have read the articles and testing results under the Dissolved Oxygen section, you’ll get an appreciation for the importance of collecting and maintaining dissolved oxygen (DO) data. The year 2012 was our first attempt at doing this.  We need to continue this effort and expand upon it as practical.

DO sampling is typically done at dawn, approximately every two weeks starting in early May and continuing as long as possible.  It can be done by a single person, but is much easier if there at least two or three people available; someone to keep the boat in a relatively stable position, someone to take the measurements and someone to record the readings.

Secondly, the current recording are only being done between early May and early October, due to my limited residency on the lake (in Florida during the winter) and unavailability of a boat during the off season.  It would also be informational to take DO readings during the ice-on stages of the lake.

Anyone interested in helping with this effort can contact Darryl Miller at (585)728-3739, (585)317-3405 or darrylemiller@mindspring.com.