Fish Stocking

Ed Sick got 300 walleyes on Oct. 11, 2016 that were 5-8 inches long at $4.00 each.

Larry Mitchell provided the boat and Ed and Phil Faber released them into the lake in areas they felt would best allow them to survive and grow.

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Ed would like anyone catching a Walleye (and hopefully returning it to the lake) to notify him, as he is trying so determine if the Walleye are surviving.

He is also soliciting feedback from fisherman on whether he should continue to stock Walleyes or perhaps some other fish such as Perch.  Any other comments on fishing are welcomed by Ed at 585-728-5108. (See Ed’s entire article in the August 2016 Link.)

Click on the link below to read a great article by Ed Sick about the history of the Loon Lake Fishery and the types of fish in the lake.

Loon Lake Fish Story