Joint Water Quality Study

Joint Water Quality Committee Beginning Year Two of Study

    Committee members, in alliance with Dr. Michael Chislock and the limnology team from SUNY Brockport, are currently reviewing data from year one of the pilot study.  The committee is a step closer to meeting our goals; determining the status of internal loading in the deepest waters, and the effectiveness of diffused-aeration to tamp shoreline blooms and decrease loose sediment.

    During year one, deep water samples were analyzed for water quality and nutrient analysis.  As with many lakes, there is significant phosphorus trapped in the deepest level. Under certain conditions, this phosphorus is released from the bottom sediments and adds to the production of unhealthy lake conditions, including harmful algae blooms.  The team also monitored our population of large-bodied zooplankton, Daphnia. These herbivores play an important role in reducing the risk of algae blooms.

    Year two of the study will include further research on the impact of Daphnia in our waters, the protection of the species, and the relationship of their health to further lake management options.

    The Brockport Team collected four rounds of samples from the aeration site (Serenity Cove) as well as the control sites in Antlers Inn and Laf-a-Lot coves. The two-year pilot design allows for collection of data over a longer period. Although diffused-aeration has been a technique used in ponds for many years, our application of diffused-aeration in lake coves is a bit understudied.  The diffusers were turned off in October to assure appropriate ice coverage. They will be turned on in May.

    Thank you to all involved, and especially to the two lake associations for funding this project.  The more we study our lake and its unique conditions, the more proactive we can be to maintain the beauty of Loon Lake.

    Committee Members:

Joseph Carlson, Alice Publow, Doris Gross, Maureen Maus, Joe Harrington, Paula Thoma

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