New Septic System

Newer Septic Field Product Uses 1/3 the Space

This summer was decision time for our aging septic system on the lake side of Laf-a-Lot Road.  The septic field was failing from tree roots and other issues.  Any re-working of the septic field would be too close to the lake to be permitted.

Fortunately we had been able to purchase land across the road 20 years ago.  This allowed us to go under the road to a new septic field with gray water effluent from a two-part septic tank pumped uphill to where the new field would be installed.

Here’s where a newer product was helpful.  By using Eljen Company filters underground we were able to install 64 feet of trenching versus 200 feet of traditional trenching.  This allowed us to preserve trees and most of a parking area.  These super-absorbent filters quickly absorb the liquid then release it slowly into surrounding sand.  The installation is completely level and fine for foot traffic and field sports.

At least one local excavation contractor installs this product, which was recommended and approved by the environmental engineer on contract with the Town of Wayland.  There was additional cost for the filters, partially offset by lower excavation costs.

I believe this is a good space-saving solution that will work well for us and will be better for the lake.  The installation is at 117 Laf-A-Lot Rd.  I am willing to share technical and cost information with folks via cell phone 614-330-1219. [See photo below]

    -Eric Busch

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