Blue Flag Iris Available

       By planting Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolor) you can help the health of Loon Lake. These flowers not only add beauty, their root systems remove nutrients, stabilize the shoreline and break up the wave action. They thrive in full sun to partial shade. In the spring, they can be seen growing under the water and are just as happy when the water recedes and leaves them on shore. They will grow among the rocks or on muddy shores. They can be planted up until late summer when the shoreline is exposed.

            By donating to Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance’s Blue Flag Fund Raiser, you can support projects that help protect and improve the water quality and natural environment of Loon Lake.

$ 10 Donation per plant or

$ 25 Donation of 3 plants

Contact Alice Publow at 585-213-4011 or

Iris and other native plants grown locally and supplied by:

Amanda’s Native Garden in Dansville

This fundraiser will continue throughout the summer 2021.

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