What’s in your Water?

What’s in Your Water?

 The Loon Lake Water Quality Standing Committee held its first meeting on July 18th. The committee is comprised of six members representative of the Loon Lake Association, The Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance, and two interested lake residents. The goal of the committee is to define strategies to improve water quality in the lake, and thereby influence the conditions for blue green algal blooms.

The committee is focusing on two new strategies as well as the refinement of existing strategies to build healthful lake conditions. For each new project, we would partner with area universities to collect and use significant scientific data.

Submerged Aeration/Oxygenation Pilot Project (Loon Lake/SUNY Programs at Geneseo & Brockport)

A pilot program to slow algae development and remove loose sediment in or near the shoreline  is under consideration. One or two demonstration areas, as well as a control area, would be determined by biologists.  Aeration systems would be installed at or near the shoreline by a chosen company. Pre and post testing would be conducted by supervised university students in order to determine the success at demonstration sites. Future expansion would depend on results and funding options.

Testing for Internal Loading of Phosphorus

NYS is conducting a study on strategies to slow blue green algae formation in freshwater lakes. One of the research areas is using an alum-type treatment in the deepest water to hinder the rising of accumulated phosphorus-stores that fuel blue green algal blooms. This seems to be promising research. Getting our data in order may be useful for future planning as well as for grant funding that could be available.


A big thanks to the Loon Lake Watershed Alliance and the Loon Lake Association for donating funds to help us get this project off the ground.  We are also most grateful to Dr. Sid Bosch, Professor of Biology at SUNY Geneseo and Michael Chislock, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at SUNY Brockport for guiding us through the initial stages of this project. So much more to do.  Stay tuned.

Joe Carlson

Alice Publow

Joe Harrington

Paula Thoma

Doris Gross

Maureen Morsch

Bernie Thoma-Grant/Facilitator

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