Water Quality Joint Committee

Loon Lake Water Quality Joint Standing Committee

Committee Update August 7, 2020

 Committee Members: Joe Carlson, Alice Publow, Paula Thoma, Joe Harrington, Doris Gross, Maureen Morsch, Bernie Thoma (Facilitator/Grants)

 Loon Lake Association and Loon Lake Watershed Improvement Alliance have approved matching funds of $5,000 each for the water quality project. We now have a total budget of $10,000.

Alice Publow has been in touch with the science team.

  • Monday, Dr. Michael Chislock (SUNY Brockport) will tour the lake with the doctoral student working on the aeration project.
  • Week of 16th, Dr. Sid Bosch (SUNY Geneseo) and Dr. Michael Chislock (SUNY Brockport) will be on site to collect data for the deep lake phosphorus testing (internal loading). Data will be on file for future considerations of deep lake treatments/filtering strategies for algal blooms (HAB’s).

Related Info

  • Paula Thoma consulted with Stephanie June (DEC/CSLAP). She confirmed that although our lake is in the Mesotrophic category (average concerning overall lake health), indicators show that we are experiencing increased BG algae and related toxins in the water column, particularly in late summer and early fall months. She also reviewed the water samples from CSLAP and from Alice Publow (dissolved oxygen). Combined data indicates there is internal loading of phosphorus in the deep waters that contributes to algal blooms (HAB’s), especially in the fall when the water mixes. The state HAB study will be informative for lakes throughout NYS. Although not widely permitted, alum is being discussed in many studies as one remedy for However, the more environmentally sound technique is Phoslock or bentonite clay. This application can be applied in NYS by permit. Google Peach Lake.

Other techniques such as bio mats, biochar and floating plant-like filters are being used for nutrient inflow.  Watershed efforts to limit nutrients flowing into the lake (including septic), must be always considered before any whole lake treatment like Phoslock. Aeration/oxygenation is always good to improve the existing conditions.

  • Paula and Bernie Thoma were visiting downstate and connected with the lake manager on Wolf Lake. Although the lake is twice the size of our lake, it has many cove areas similar to our coves. They have two solar-powered aeration units installed by Solitude in two different coves. Units have required little maintenance (filter changes) over a 2-3 year period. No significant algal blooms have presented in or near those areas. Noise and size were similar to an air conditioner. They are discussing mobile stations to be moved to alternate locations every two years. They are also looking into harvesting for their weeds. See photos below.
  • Joe Carlson is continuing to research various companies in relation to aeration equipment and future proposals.

Wolf Lake Solar-Powered Units (L)battery back-up (R) No battery back-up

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