2020 Silent Auction

All LLWIA gatherings are in question this year, so the decision has been made to display Silent Auction items on this website. Bids may be made by contacting Alice Publow, at 585-213-4011 or email 710alice@gmail.com. Private viewing can also be arranged. The auction end date has not yet been determined yet.

Chapel Box 

 Sold for $200

Chapel Box is heart shaped bamboo
2 ¾” high, 4” wide, 4 ¾” length
Hand painted with LL Chapel on top surface
Ringed with cottages


Pine Box

Opening bid:     Buy now:   Current bid:

Pine Box
3” high, 4 ½” wide, 6” long
Top is photo frame
Sides painted with cottages


Grape box

Opening bid:  $100,  Buy Now:  $400,  Current Bid:  $100

Vintage ‘rustic’ grape harvest box
Refurbished and urethane sealed throughout
9’’ high, 14 ½” wide, 28” long
Sides decorated with painted LL cottages

Round Box

Opening bid:  $80,  Buy Now:  $320,  Current Bid:  $100

Inlaid Walnut, sealed with urethane
8 ½’ round
Cottages painted around the top lip

Sewing Box

Opening bid:  $150,  Buy Now:  $600,  Current Bid:  $150

Vintage sewing box, circa 1955
9” cylinder with opening top, 12”high
Decorated with cloudy sky & LL cottages
Gold painted trim
LL scenes on side panels

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