Bees removed from Reserve property barn

In mid-October local beekeeper Don Griffing removed the bee colony in the south wall of the main barn, second floor.  Since that time I have been told that the previous residents had a number of bee hives and that this colony had probably escaped from them.  Don removed the bee colony at no charge with the understanding that he could have the colony for his use – which is standard practice.

Don Griffing:

1.  Used a low-velocity vacuum attached to a box to gently vacuum up the bees.

2.  Estimates there were 25,000 bees, 3-5 pounds of honey, 6 layers of wax present.

3.  States the queen was present in the middle of the mass of bees in the middle layer.

4.  States he would put these bees in a bee hive above another, established hive.  The lower hive will help generate heat during the winter to help this disrupted colony.  Bees are able to unhinge their wings and rotate their shoulder muscles in the hive to generate heat.

5.  The process took about an hour.  He removed the bees late in the day so most were back in the hive.  He got stung about three times despite his protective clothing – about average.

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